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Hi! I'm May Anne, and I'm a Holistic Nutritionist and the Owner of Wellness with May Anne.

I work with women who are sick of dieting and are ready to lose weight in a natural, practical, life-long way that doesn't involve starving themselves, body-shaming or counting calories. 

Let me tell you this -it's NOT YOUR FAULT that you haven't succeeded up until now. 

Sugar is added to ALMOST EVERYTHING, and and most of us are walking around with a sugar addiction, without even realizing it. 

On top of that, carbs like breads and pizza, TURN INTO sugar once they enter the body.

It's no wonder most of us are unable to say no to sugar and carbs, especially when we're tired! 

A sugar addiction will cause strong cravings, and when you team willpower up against blood sugar issues, the willpower will always lose!

By joining this Sugar-Free Challenge, you are taking a BIG STEP in the right direction towards CRUSHING THE CRAVINGS that are sabotaging your health and weight loss goals.